Friday, 30 July 2010

Manly tools!

kaptaink_cg writes:  I'm sure we've all seen those small wooden 3D dinosaur models. I had a few that I loved as a kid, but they all shared a common flaw. They were much too small!! As a father I set about to rectify that problem for my son. In the following steps I'll provide all the information you'll need to make your very own 6 foot tall T-Rex model!

I post this here for two reasons.  Firstly, the man writing it embarked on this project 'as a father', and secondly, I'm about to embark on my own woodwork project, making a cot for our little one.

As for myself, Speaking as a Father, there are two aspects to working with manly tools.  On the one hand, Francis Fukuyama will tell you how he's derived great pleasure from making tangible objects that are useful to other people.  On the other hand, manly tools!


  1. Surely you could combine the two? If you flipped it onto its back then the rib cage of a six-foot T-Rex would make a fine crib for a young Morris... x

  2. Of course, I missed out on this pleasure both times.

    First time: mother too stressed to allow me to attempt something like that (practicality and I often don't make good bedfellows).

    Second time: he sleeps with us. Soooo much easier (and arguably more creative and for the common good).

    Now, six foot tall T-Rex skeletons, that's a project!