Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Bonkers housework

Week 16 - 166 days left

We've always had piles of papers lying around the house that accumulate and grow and get put into a tote bag and hidden in a cupboard whenever someone comes round.  Bills, receipts and insurance documents get lost in these piles, sometimes for months.

It's a similar story with washing up, although since the dishwasher broke we've been a little better at keeping on top of it.

But now we're having a baby, and, Speaking as a Father, no child of mine will grow up in a messy house.  I'm trying to make a regular weekly thing of looking at mail, paying bills and sorting out papers.  I'm also on a mission to keep the kitchen clean, which means washing up after breakfast and after dinner and wiping down the cooker and the surfaces.  It gets easier the more I do it.  My plan is working.  I'm de-valuing the washing up!

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